Garden Design for Under $10,000

Fashion a Functional Space

With a budget of $10,000, you can substantially change the look of the yard and make it more functional. These homeowners wanted an area for a table and chairs near the lawn, as well as steps that lead to the grassy space where their kids play. Carex Design Group expanded an existing retaining wall and designed the patio and steps, using concrete block pavers from Belgard.

Fill In Ignored Spaces

Use a continuous design, from the garden beds to above the garage and along the side of the house, for a put-together exterior. The use of white and purple flowers gives this Mediterranean-style home in Florida a romantic feel and sets it apart from other homes on the street.

Refine and Refresh

For a $10,000 budget, you can redo your landscaping (for an average-size lot). This well-manicured Georgia entryway offers ideas for sculpting a setting and incorporating boxwoods, hydrangeas and a beautiful vessel as a focal point.

Install a Water Feature

A new water feature can bring a dramatic touch and natural background music to a garden. You will need to consider the topography for the design, says Bob Graves of Carex Design Group in Knoxville, Tenn. He created this natural babbling brook for a client.

Redo Your Walkway

Install a new walkway and pay attention to how it fits in with the look of the home. This 1911 Cape Cod-Craftsman style home in Atlanta has durable weathered granite and cedar shingles. Copper path lights fit with the period of the home.

Plot Out the Design

Prioritize with a $10,000 budget, says Wes Shivers, a certified horticulturist who owns a landscaping firm in Naples, Fla. Homeowners should focus first on the front, selecting grasses, annuals and perennials that complement each other. When adding in a tree, such as a palm tree, make sure it is placed in an area where you won’t need to dig it up in a few years because the roots are going through the driveway or patio foundation. 

Plan for Entertaining with Patio Set and Sculptures

In the $10,000 range, after creating a plan and selecting plants, you can add outdoor entertaining elements to a garden, says Bob Graves, owner/designer with Carex Design Group. In this garden, featured on the 2015 Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival, Garden Tour and Flower Show in Douglasville, Ga., a quaint patio set and sculptures enhance the outdoor space.

Develop a Cozy Entryway

Define spaces in your garden by incorporating a gate, whether it’s made of wood, iron or metal. This weathered gate next to a brick wall serves as a doorway from one hideaway to another in the garden of a home in a historic Atlanta neighborhood featuring blue hydrangeas and evergreens.

Plant Sculptural Trees Like a Japanese Maple

You can splurge on a beloved tree, such as a Japanese maple, that is important to you or your landscape design when you have a budget of $10,000, says Bob Graves, owner/designer with Carex Design Group. “When you start buying trees, money disappears very fast,” he says.

Focal Point with Bench and Plantings

Devote a portion of $10,000 to create an epicenter that draws people into the space. Use seating, such as a bench, and plan out an area with groundcover, such as pea gravel or pavers, containers and mulched beds, as seen in this garden, which was featured during the 2015 Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival in Douglas County, Ga.

Plan Out a Paver Patio

Having a budget of $10,000 allows you to create a paver patio that fits with the design and look of your garden. You go from having a blank canvas to putting your plan in place, says Wes Shivers, a Naples, Fla.-based landscape designer.

Landscape Lighting

Whether your backyard has amenities, such as a pool or fewer bells and whistles, investing your $10,000 in landscape lighting can accentuate plants and trees, as well as, hardscape areas.

Create Space for an Outdoor Kitchen

Designing a garden requires thinking about how you will entertain. This outdoor kitchen would cost about $6,000 for the masonry and design, with about $4,000 for the appliances, says Bruce T. Holliday, a registered landscape architect with Landscape Plans Plus.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

By: Lori Johnston

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